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Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy:

Dash of Sophistication Boutique has a level of standard that must be displayed at all times on all social networks the boutique is registered with. We also require our customers, and all individuals or business who are members or subscribers on our social media network pages must adhere to the same level of standards. Posting status updates any derogatory, or private information about the boutique, or customer issues is strictly prohibited on all of our social media networks.  This also includes any comments to all of the boutiques status updates. It is strictly prohibited to post status updates, comments, or send private messages in a harassing or threatening matter. Whether it is directed to the boutique, or members and subscribers on all of our social media networks pages. It is strictly prohibited for individuals or business to a post status, post comments, and other forms of media to defame a company or individual character. Defamation of character on any social media networks or other methods is a federal offense, and it will not be tolerated by Dash of Sophistication Boutique.

All customer or business issues and or concerns must be handled by private email, or by phone with the boutique. It should never be posted for any individual to see concerning a customer issue.  We do not conduct business in this matter at all, nor shall we respond in such of a way as well.  Especially, when there is documented proof of communication between the boutique and the customer or business. We respect our customers, and we expect our customers to do the same. All messages, posting, and comments will be kept on file for documentation purposes.  Therefore, any individual or business who violate this policy shall be deleted and blocked from our social media network where the violation occurred, and it will be documented. There are no exceptions to this policy what so ever.